Monday, December 29, 2008

Note :- During final posture of this Asana, hips remain a little risen, therefore it is called Utkatasana. This posture is useful for Bastikriya (one of the six purificatory processes).Technique :-
Stand erect, legs together hands by the side of the thighs. Gaze in front.
Place legs about one fool apart. Raise the arms straight in front up to shoulder level, palm facing downward.
Raising the heels, stand on toes and slowly sit putting weight on toes.
Put both hands on respective knees.
After sometirne, while returning, raise your arms from the knee up to shoulder level.
Keeping balance, stand erec on the toes, there-after, slowly place the heels on the ground.
Bring hands by the side of the thighs and keeping the legs together return to the original position.
Remember :-
This is a blancing pose, therefore, maintain balance while sitting or standing on toes.
During final posture, upper part of the body must remain erect.
Do not put weight on heels.
Benefit and Limitations :-
Calf muscles are made healthy and remove constipation and nervous weakness of the lower extremeties. Those suffering from muscle pull should not practise it